Why Zoonar

Zoonar offers new freedoms for photographers: 50% fee payouts, extensive amount of self-control over prices, licences and the passing on of pictures, as well as the facility of linking your own website to pictures loaded onto the Zoonar platform - these are just a few of the services we offer. Whether you´re an amateur or a professional: with Zoonar, it´s the quality of a picture that decides whether it gets accepted or not!

Zoonar is not another microstock! All pictures are offered at the going market rate. The photographer can decide for each motif whether to price the picture at the "Microstock" level for graphic designers and PR, "Standard" for editors, or "Premium" for advertisers. All pictures can be purchased at any time of the day or night. Worldwide, on the spot!

Zoonar offers an innovative combination of a community, picture agency and photo shop. Many novel things are concealed in the detail: single pictures can be sent as postcards with a text on the front and the back, and whole portfolios can be sent to a customer as a link. Picture Management is blissfully convenient. Thus picture groups can be very quickly captioned with keywords, deleted or priced at a different level. You can upload pictures on-line in no time at all.

Zoonar closes a gap in the market and offers ambitious amateur photographers the chance to market pictures at professional terms, without torpedo-ing the price structure of the picture market. Professional photographers can charge significantly higher rates with Zoonar than they can with other agencies, implement proactive marketing strategies and leverage technology that can only otherwise be found at microstocks.

Key Facts

1. 50% Fee payouts - our prices and photographer rates
2. Self-management: you control licence models, price point and whether your picture is passed on to third parties or not
3. Fast search system
4. Low exclusivity demands, sell your pictures in a wider variety of ways
5. Special service for photographers with large picture stocks: pictures can be delivered on CD or DVD. Agency has its own client for direct uploads, free of charge.

You can download the Photographer Agreement and read it through before you sign. Conclusion of the agreement however is handled online only when you register as a photographer.

Zoonar sets a new technical standard in the agency sector and a global photo community which will be further developed on an ongoing basis. Zoonar opens up new markets for your pictures.