If you operate your own website, take part in the Zoonar Affiliate program. For every user you bring us you receive 10% commission on all revenues generated through that user - for a whole year!

It´s Easy :

  1. Log in as a Zoonar user. Register
  2. Then submit your application to the Partner Services with your website under My Profile.
  3. As soon as your Webmaster account is activated, you can insert text links or run banners on Zoonar in order to attract users to your site.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  1. Payout of 10% for each transaction (for licence costs of 1 to 390 euros per picture)
  2. Commission for advertised picture buyers AND sales of advertised photographers.
  3. Build up your own group of customers: commissions are paid for a whole year - not just the usual one-time payment.
  4. Monitor your success and recommend users by means of the Webmaster tool.
  5. Payout issued from 20 euros

Have you got any more questions about the Zoonar Webmaster Services? Drop us a line, we are happy to help.


Please understand that we do not accept any sites with racist, violence-glorifying or inhumane contents, and that we are only interested in "genuine" sites. We cannot support "fake" sites without further content or so-called "link farms"! Sites hosted by free providers (e.g. "Beepworld", ".vu" domains,...) are likewise banned.