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F. Commission rates and fees

F.01 When are my fees paid out?

Once your fees exceed 35 Euros you can request the payment at any time. Please note that we don’t pay out your fees automatically since we don’t save your banking information. You must initiate the payment yourself under “My profile”.

F.02 What are the payment methods?

You can receive your fees any time through PayPal, Skrill or money transfer (only for EU citizens). In the latter your fees will then be transferred to your bank account directly. Non EU citizens can receive their money through PayPal and Skrill only. PayPal requires a transaction fee since 2007. PayPal will withhold that transaction fee from your payment. Please use the PayPal website to see what the current transaction fee is. The transaction fee for Skrill is paid by Zoonar at the moment.

F.03 What is my commission rate?

Zoonar gives you a very fair and appropriate 50% commission rate. This means you receive 50% of the fee we receive. Depending upon the place of residence, we may deduct transaction fees (banking fees), international withholding tax and social charges for artists.

F.04 Why do you deduct social charges for artists?

We are obligated by law to deduct 4.9% from all fees for the artists’ social insurance. The percentage rate is determined yearly. Therefore, your fees also include the percentage share for the artists’ social insurance.