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My name is Radek Kucharski. I'm a travel author and a tour guide. Introduced to the darkroom and the photography processing in the late 1980s by my grandfather, I photograph ever since. As a person professionally connected with travelling, I chiefly photograph on the go, outdoors. And as South Asia is my usual destination, where I go frequently since the year 2000, you will find a lot of photos taken in India and Nepal in my collection, among photos of other places. Mountain hiking is my favourite activity, and the Himalayas is the region where I trekked quite a lot – on private trips, on research for guidebooks, which I wrote, or leading a tourist group. Don't be surprised then to find photos of Himalayan regions in my collection, particularly of Ladakh in India and the Everest Region of Nepal. (The portrait of myself is by Anna Chmielewska).


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