Informations about image licences

Zoonar offers three licences: Standard Licence (RM), Royalty Free (RF) and Merchandise.

Standard Licence / Right Managed (RM)

This licence allows you to use a picture one time and non-exclusive for printed products up to a circulation of 5 million and a maximum size of DIN A2 - or for webpages.

You need our Merchandise Licence for commercial products such as calendars, promotional gifts or postcards which will be sold, as well as for cover pictures and frontispieces.

For uses inside a book, brochure, magazine and newspaper a Standard Licence is sufficient though. If you wish to use a picture with different regional conditions, time intervals or a broader circulation Zoonar will gladly make you an individual offer.

Royalty-Free-Licence (RF)

The Royalty Free Licence has a surcharge of 100% and allows you to use a picture multiple times without any regional, circulation or time restrictions.

The pictures cannot be used for commercial products or packaging, however. You still need a Merchandise Licence for these purposes.

A combination of a RF Licence with a Merchandise Licence is NOT possible.

Merchandise Licence

The Merchandise Licence has a surcharge of 200% and allows you to use pictures for commercially sold products and commodities, as well as for postcards, calendars and as cover pictures.

If you need a picture for special purposes that are not mentioned here or which are not covered by the Zoonar terms and conditions, such as software templates, online shops with theme selection, logos, exclusive picture uses, buy outs, election posters or erotic magazines, always contact our support please.

We gladly make you individual licence offers (also for larger quantities of pictures).

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For more information on the Zoonar Usage Restrictions please see our Buyer Conditions.