D. Cooperation with photographers and graphic artists

D.01 What are the advantages of using Zoonar?

Zoonar offers its suppliers freedom and fair commission rates on a 50% basis. As supplier you have free choice between different price models and licenses. And only you decide which of your photos are released for one of our distribution partners.
Very large collections with a size of several ten thousand photos or illustrations can be uploaded via FTP in short time. Your entire portfolio can then be released for a distribution partner with the click of a mouse button. The Zoonar team helps you in your efforts actively too. We create “essential keywords” for distribution partners and we assign the photos to appropriate categories. Free of charge for our suppliers of course.
Zoonar doesn’t require exclusivity. Zoonar is a young and innovative agency with good growth rates.

D.02 Can anyone upload on Zoonar?

In principle, yes. However, your photos must meet certain quality and technical requirements. And you also have to own the complete rights to the photos/vector graphics you want to upload. At the time we accept photos and illustrations in JPEG format and vector graphics in EPS format.

D.03 Where do I start?

Your first step is to create a user profile. For this we need your address, a username and a valid email address. You also have to read and confirm our terms and conditions. Once you’ve registered you go to your profile where you sign in as a photographer.

D.04 Does Zoonar require exclusivity?

No! We don’t restrict you in any way. You can offer your photos elsewhere, as long as the other agency doesn’t require exclusivity. Exempt from this are photos which you offer with a royalty free license, these photos can’t be sold through another agency which offers your photos with a right managed license. Royalty free photos can only be sold as royalty free photos elsewhere.

D.05 Distribution partners and partner agencies

You can find our distribution partners in the distribution management tool. We only release photos which have been activated by you for one of our partners. Some partners require an additional quality check or editing of metadata which can result in longer waiting times until a photo is finally online on the partner platform. You can see small symbols in the picture management tool which show you the current status of your photos with one of our distribution partners.

D.06 Royalty free (RF) license

Contrary to a photo with a right managed (RM) license, a photo with a royalty free (RF) license can be used more than one time. A RF license doesn’t have any time restrictions. Licensing to third parties, registering a trademark on the photo, merchandise use or the upload to other agencies is prohibited.

D.07 What photos can I offer with a royalty free (RF) license?

You can select the royalty free license only if you don’t offer your photo on another platform with a right managed (RM) license. Right managed (RM) and royalty free (RF) exclude each other, since right managed (RM) licenses also offer exclusivity which is impossible when using a royalty free (RF) license.

D.08 Why does Zoonar offer photos with a royalty free (RF) license and a right managed (RM) license?

The Zoonar RM license differs from other RM licenses by not offering any exclusivity. A customer buys the non exclusive right to use a photo for a specific purpose one time only. That’s why our RF license does not exclude our RM license and we can offer both.

D.09 Does Zoonar issue press cards?

No, we don’t issue press cards.

D.10 Press and event photos

Zoonar focuses on stock photography, but we also accept press and event photos with longterm marketability. Press photographers only need to send us an email and we can grant a special press access to you.

D.11 How long does it take to delete photos?

If you request the deletion of a picture Zoonar will remove the photo after a waiting period of six months. The waiting period is required so customers who already downloaded layout versions and invested time in layout work can still purchase the photo. It will also take six months for a distribution partner to delete a photo. If a partner has a longer waiting period we will delete your photo on Zoonar after six months anyway and the partner will delete your photo after their waiting period is over.
In very urgent cases we can expedite a photo deletion and remove it from sale more quickly. Please send us an email with the Zoonar id number of your photo. We can’t guarantee an early deletion for our distribition partners if you released the photo in question for one of our partners.

D.12 Can I change the price model later?

You can change the price model anytime using our picture management tool. Please consider that some partners only accept photos with a specific price model. You can’t change the price model for photos which have already been released for one of our partners.

D.13 Can I change releases for the distribution network and partner agencies?

You can enable or disable the automatic release for your photos at any time. You can remove a photo from one of our partners but only after a waiting period of six months.