B. Customer service

B.01 24 hour editorial access

You can get a special free editorial access for your team if you need photos regularly. This access includes easy access to layout data and original sizes for all our photos and illustrations. You only need to pay for photos and illustrations you actually use. The access and download is completely free of charge. You don’t require a license for project layout work. You can apply for the editorial access by contacting us.

B.02 Photo enlargements

Many uses require very large photos, e.g. exhibition stands, posters, wall murals, photo tapestries or large format calendars. Zoonar can give you optimized and upsampled photos in the size you need..

B.03 Photo editing

We can edit photos for you if you like a photo but it doesn’t quite match what you want. We offer the whole range of photo editing, e.g. retouching, color changes and grading or cropping. We can also isolate objects in a photo, convert to different color spaces or remove objects in a photo. Just contact us, if you want us to edit a photo.

B.04 Zoonar API

The Zoonar API enables companies automated access to our database. They can search for photos, access detailed information and even download the original photo. Integration into an external online shop is also possible. Please note that you need an API key and password to use the Zoonar API. Contact us to get access and examples for integrating the API. Further information can be found here.

B.05 Package prices and discounts

It makes sense to agree on a package price if you have a big project or buy photos regularly. We’re happy to offer package prices with attractive discounts. Publishing houses, newspapers and magazines can get a fixed price. This can either be the Fotofinder price list or individual price lists we negotiate with you.

B.06 Special licenses

Many uses require a custom special license. For example:
  • semi exclusivity
  • logos and/or exclusive rights
  • multiple uses for RM photos
  • if you need to have no region, time or circulation restrictions
  • photos as part of manufactured goods or global marketing campaigns
  • if you want to offer the photo for download
  • integration into templates
  • integration into software
  • RM uses for sizes > DIN A2
  • RM uses which take longer than 5 years
Zoonar is happy to offer you a custom license. These licenses offer very high legal security for your projects. Please ask for a non-binding price offer.

B.07 Exclusive rights

You can’t buy semi or full exclusive rights directly on our website. Should you require semi or full exclusive rights, e.g. a 3 year exclusivity for a calendar, just contact us. We will check if exclusive rights are available and will make you an offer then.

B.08 Getting EPS files instead of JPEGs for vector graphics

Most of our JPEG based illustrations are available as EPS files too. Please contact us if you want an EPS file instead of a JEPG file and we’ll get in touch with you within 1-2 days and tell you if an EPS file is available and what you have to pay for it.

B.09 Help with the photo search

We’re happy to recommend photos to you, should you need help with the photo search or if you have a large project with special requirements.