A. Information for our customers

A.01 What does Zoonar offer?

Zoonar offers competent service, German licenses and a Central European picture language. Zoonar offers photos from all different price ranges. This gives you the opportunity to compare different price models without going to another photo agency and you can mix your calculations. Microstock prices start at 1 Euro, but you can also choose from very high quality premium photos at affordable prices. We receive more than 90% of our content directly from photographers and graphic artists. You can buy 24 hours a day and download photos in your desired size.

A.02 Bulk discount

You can get a bulk discount if you want to buy higher volumes of photos. Publishing houses and editorial departments usually get special prices. Agencies, firms and designers can get a project based bulk discount if you ask for it. This can be either a flat rate or a fixed price (or discount) for each photo you buy.

A.03 Special access for photo editors

Newspapers, magazines, agencies and publishing houses can get a special 24 hour access by request. This free access enables you to download all the original size photos from our website. We charge you by invoice or by credit.

A.04 How do I license a photo?

1) collect all the photos and vector graphics you want in your shopping cart
2) once you’ve found all the photos you want click on the shopping cart symbol. You will now get to the licensing stage. Prices vary based on size, circulation and license model. Your first step is to select the desired size for the photo or illustration and which license you need. Royalty free (RF) photos are more expensive than photos with a right managed (RM) license, because RF photos can be used without any region, circulation and time restrictions. You can use RF photos multiple times for different uses. You do need a merchandising license however, if you want to use a photo or illustration for commercial products, cover photos and packaging.
3) After you’ve selected the size, license and use click on “next”. In the final step you can select your desired payment method. You can pay using either PayPal, credit card, cash in advance and Giropay. You can also pay on account in the German language region of Europe. Please contact us at info@zonar.com if you’re interested in this payment method. Your purchase is finalized by confirming your payment method. You will find your purchased photos and illustrations in “My downloads”.

A.05 Price models

You can find more information on our price models here.

A.06 Licenses

Our normal licenses don’t cover the use for logos or trademarks. You need a merchandising license if you want to use a photo or illustration for manufactured goods, cover photos, templates, software and packaging. You need a royalty free (RF) license for all social media uses and multiple uses. If a RF license is not available for a photo or illustration just contact us and we will offer you a custom right managed (RM) license. Press and event photos (e.g. photos of celebrities, commercial products or trademarks) can only be used for editorial purposes. Our right managed (RM) license is valid for a single one time use only. You either need multiple RM licenses for multiple uses or we can offer you a special license for your use. You can get a special license, project license and special photo sizes by request. You can find further information on our licenses here.

A.07 What does royalty free (RF) mean?

Royalty free (RF) licensed photos and illustrations can be used for various purposes. You don’t get exclusive rights with RF photos but on the other hand you have very few restrictions either. Price is based on the desired picture size. The larger, the more expensive a picture will be. You can use RF photos and illustrations as many times as you like. Except for manufactured goods, logos, packaging, software or templates. Reselling/relicensing the photo or illustration isn’t allowed either. Only you / your company may use the photo multiple times.

A.08 What does right managed (RM) mean?

A RM license is always used for one single specific use only. Duration of the use or the region in which a license is used has no influence on the price. However, you don’t get exclusive rights. Should you need exclusive rights please contact us.
All our RM photos can be licensed for special uses. E.g. if you need a photo for a 10 year global marketing campaign or for multiple uses. Please contact us and give us the special use you need a photo for and we will make you an individual license offer. You will get a custom license with very high legal security.

A.09 Special right managed (RM) licenses and restrictions

Our standard RM licenses don’t cover multiple uses, cover photos, software uses, templates or merchandising (packaging, logos etc). You need to buy a special license for these uses.
Please contact us should you need a special license for calendars, manufactured goods, campaigns, exhibition stands and similar.
If you want to use a RM licensed photo multiple times for different purposes you need to buy multiple licenses or you can buy a custom license which is tailored to your needs. You can request a special license any time, just contact us.

A.10 Special licenses and exclusive uses

A special license covers multiple uses, merchandising and very large print sizes or photos which you want to offer for download or add to a template. We recommend you buy a special custom license for any of the above uses. Our German location guarantees you highest legal security.

A.11 Can I obtain exclusive rights to a photo (buy out)?

Please contact us, if you want to buy exclusive photo rights. We’re happy to make you a special offer if the photographer/graphic artist agrees to sell exclusive rights.

A.12 Can I get in direct touch with a photographer?

Please inform us, if you want to contact a photographer directly. We can’t guarantee direct contact due to data protection laws.

A.13 Copyright notice

German copyright law mandates that you include a copyright notice with full name of the artist with the photo/illustration. The copyright notice has to be in the following format: “Photo agency Zoonar / Name or pseudonym of the photographer”. Special cases allow you to disregard this rule, for example when you use a photo/illustration on a product packaging. These special uses are agreed upon separately. Webmasters may include the copyright notices in the imprint or in a dedicated photo credits page. Magazines and newspapers can use a smililar method.
PLEASE NOTE: this only applies if you publish in Germany, the law in your location may vary.