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Steinkauz, (Athene noctua), little owl

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Zoonar/Carsten Braun


Canon EOS 5D

Steinkauz, (Athene noctua), little owl

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XS 533x800 5,00
S 800x1200 10,00
M 1167x1750 20,00
L 1653x2480 40,00
XL 2340x3510 70,00
Original 2631x3947 150,00


Steinkauz, (Athene noctua), Jungvogel, juvenil, Jungtier, Kuecken, Deutschland, Beringung von Wissenschaftler, Ring, Beringungszange, Zange | little owl, (Athene noctua), juvenile, youngster, chick, nestling, Germany, ringing by scientist, ring, tong,

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