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Frankfurt Messe

Frankfurt Messe
Frankfurt am Main, Messe
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various forms of old brass instruments
old and new forms of the clarinet
string instruments, violin, viola, cello
various forms of old brass instruments
music band from the 16th Century
old brass instruments, zinc, horn, buffalo horn, bucina, bugle
ancient woodwind instruments, curved horn, rackett
woodwind instruments, basset horn, basset clarinet
Orphica Piano, portable pianoforte from the 18th Century
string instrument, double bass
various forms of bagpipes
various musical instruments, precursors of the guitar, githerra or ghiterna, lute
stringed instruments, violins, case-violin, viola da gamba, viola, 16th Century
musical instruments, Italian zither chord zither
stringed instruments, violin, mute violin 16th Century
hurdy-gurdy, an old stringed instrument
various forms of old Asian stringed instruments, rababa or rebaba, precursor of stringed instruments such as fiddle and violin
various forms of the tanbur or tambur, ancient oriental Lute
various old musical instruments, trumscheit, scheitholz and double-scheitholz
ancient woodwind instruments, pommer, shawm, oboe, bassoon
stringed instruments, old forms of the violin, viola da gamba, brass fiddle, viola bastarda, baryton, 16th Century
ancient woodwind instruments, clarinet, piccolo clarinet
various musical instruments, 15th Century, lira, lute and fiddle
lute, mandolin and theorbo, old stringed instruments
old woodwind instruments, English horn, oboe, Oboe da caccia

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